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Looking for exclusive, limited edition, custom, or one of a kind fashion?

Né Mo'niq has it.

Né Mo’niq is a luxury fashion brand based solely online. Catering to creating unique exclusives for adorable baby dolls to prima donna women. This brand designs, produces, and sells unique custom made and ready to wear apparel and accessories. With this brand, you can embrace your feminine, fun, vibrant, and or fierce style as the defined bold and confident.

Quality Craftsmanship


Né Mo’niq is a dedicated company with a passion for creativeness.


Producing remarkable products in a reasonably timely manner.


Each creation is uniquely designed. Garments can be recreated into a new similar design. Old clothes can be upcycled into new garments.

Custom Designing

When requesting custom designs, Né Mo’niq will work with you to accommodate your needs while providing you with visually appealing designs.

Denim Overall.jpg

Upcycle from denim.

Insta 1.jpg

Visionary fashion illustrator.

Rhea 1 copy.jpg

Creating edgy designs.

At Né Mo’niq , it’s easy to find something you love.

We carry a variety of stylish items to meet every need. Take a look at our products offered and start dreaming about that perfect addition to your closet.

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